Say YES to YOU! Rejuvenate, Restore, and Remember the Wisdom of Your Heart, Mind, and Body with The Restoreth The Breath Course

What do you want your legacy to be?

We all want to be remembered for something. But are you living a life that reflects who you truly are? Do you want more from life? Do you wish you were in better shape, free from emotional pain, had less emotional baggage, or were more spiritually connected?

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, where am I, right now?

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My name is Shalini Breault,

and I have a deep desire to live in a peaceful world where everyone can live in truth, fulfillment, and harmony within themselves.

As a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and storyteller, one of my gifts is being able to see the big picture; having a higher perspective. This ability has helped transform my students’ lives. And I want this for you!

That’s why I created Restoreth The Breath, an in-depth 7 module course designed to help you dig deep into your inner self, and to reflect and connect with the present so you can create the best possible life you desire and deserve.

You Are Not Alone, We Are All One, The World Needs You!

We are truly living in history changing, unprecedented times. A time filled with uncertainty and chaos. And I am concerned about how this is impacting the overall wellbeing of humanity.

That may sound extreme to some, but the fact is, your emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing is being tested like never before. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are experiencing life-altering emotions like trauma, grief, anger, loneliness, and trust issues on a daily basis. And this needs to be looked at and addressed, before we are faced with a psychological pandemic!

My passion and the motivation for creating Restoreth The Breath is anchored in my deep desire to reduce high levels of mental and emotional distress we experience every single day. In addition to helping you navigate these uncertain times, Restoreth The Breath will also lead you to experience inner peace, harmony, and wholeness.

This is at the heart of Restoreth The Breath,

Restoring humanity one heart at a time.
How can we get there?

By tapping into the wisdom that each of us has within our body, heart, and mind. Restoreth The Breath supports these life forces by helping them work together proactively, instead of battling each other, as opposing forces.

That may sound easy, but if it was, everyone would be doing it. But they’re not. We have forgotten how to be joyful and accepting; forgotten how to explore who we are and discover the orientation of our hearts.

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Exploration is an important part of Restoreth The Breath

That’s because life is happening for us, not to us. Every decision we make, good and bad, is part of our journey. At the same time, we are not 100% in control.

That can be a frightening realization. After all, our need to control everything in our lives and around us, helps us forget what really matters. Because we are not in total control of our lives, it can feel lonely when we are struggling.

You are not alone.

You will learn how to master inner stillness in the midst of external chaos, confusion, and stimulus overload. And instead, listen to your body, mind, and heart. You see, when we ask the heart to lead, you recover every important life lesson and let go of the outdated parts of yourself.

Only then, can you see the bigger picture, bigger cycles of life.

You deserve to be the best version
of yourself.

Say YES to change

Say YES to healing

Say YES to growth

Say YES to self-love

Say YES to being kind and gentle with your heart

Say YES to self-mastery

Say YES to YOU!

You can do all of that and more with
Restoreth The Breath!

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In Less Than 1 Hour Your Life Can Experience True, Ever Lasting Change

As a heart activator, I believe deeply in heart activism! Restoreth The Breath advocates heart health, by providing simple, yet profound practices and teachings that unveil your truth; proven tools you can use forever.

It takes less than one hour each week to experience the freedom that comes when you unpack the unprocessed mental and emotional distress that has been taking up residence in your body and consuming your energy.

This is keeping you small. You are meant for more! I promise you that!

The world might be a hectic, chaotic, busy place, and you might be looking for immediate change, but Restoreth The Breath isn’t a sprint.

Taking care of your heart means taking baby steps to empowerment. Think of it as a kind of ripple effect.

Ripples expand after a stone is tossed into quiet waters. Restoreth The Breath will have a ripple effect on all parts of your life and the world. The tools found in Restoreth The Breath help to slowly unravel layers and layers of your life, getting to the core – uncovering what it is that is keeping your heart from experiencing peace, freedom, and truth.

The energy that creates those ripples is there to help us be our true, authentic selves.

Through Restoreth The Breath, you do not allow that energy to fuel physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual toxicity.

Restoreth The Breath helps connect the dots in your life and allows you to remember who you are, reconcile your past, connect to the present, and create the best possible future life you desire and deserve.

This requires a deep commitment of shining a light on your life path; self-inquiry, study, and reflection. After all, you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.

Why Restoreth The Breath?

Why is my program called Restoreth The Breath?

We come into this world taking one big, life giving, life affirming breath! It’s a life force we are gifted with. Unfortunately, most of us don’t take the time to really think about how we breathe affects us. There is more to breathing than simply inhaling and exhaling.

Breathing with purpose allows us to focus our attention, meditate on the natural rhythm of how it feels when we inhale and exhale. The best part is, you can do this anywhere.

Meditating on the way you breathe can help you deal with anxiety, stress, and negative self-talk. Studies show that breathing with purpose can also help you concentrate and make better choices.

That's an important aspect of Restoreth The Breath, reflecting on the choices we make.

When we choose possessions over our personal well-being, those pursuits dictate when we think we will be happy. If I buy this, I will be happier.


I choose to stay in a bad relationship because I believe it will get better. OR you decide to stick it out because you believe it’s easier than doing nothing and it’s the way it’s always been done; you just need to stay the course!

That’s simply not true!

You can change your story and life path and let go of guilt and sadness about doing what you think is best for you. You can’t help others until you choose to help yourself first.

To help yourself, you need to be aware! That means taking time to meditate, reflect on where your mind leads you, and connect the dots of your life, good and bad. Recognize patterns and stories you’ve been living.

Are you being divinely guided or letting a past story rule you? You need to honor yourself in every decision you make.

The Fact Is, Your Breath is your Superpower!

Breathing with purpose allows you to:

Be You space to simply BE – it’s enough!

Restore align your body, mind, and heart.

Examine an opportunity to check in with yourself.

Assess ask yourself if you need support.

Take Notes passive or active, mental notes or journaling

Have Patience a space to trust that ALL is well.

Explore what are your next steps? How will you tap into your body, mind, and heart wisdom.

Breathe with purpose, meditate, and listen to your body, mind, and heart; take responsibility for your wellbeing, and stop giving your power away!

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What Is Restoreth The Breath?

Restoreth The Breath is a multi-sensory experience. A holistic approach that marries experience, inner peace, harmony, and wholeness. This is how we restore humanity, one heart at a time!

I haven’t forgotten, not for one second, how high levels of stress affect us. I experienced this on a daily basis, working for corporate America while raising a child. It was difficult and emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining.

I use the practices I’ve developed in Restoreth The Breath to help navigate all parts of my life, because it keeps me authentic and true. It has allowed me to understand and listen to the wisdom of the body, mind, and heart.

I know it will work for you too!

When you sign up for the Restoreth The Breath program, you get immediate access to a seven module, online course.

Each module is less than 20 minutes! Yes, I believe you can commit up to 20 minutes watching something that is going to TRANSFORM your life. Like I said before, you just need to say YES to YOU!

What is in each module? Simple breathing techniques; affirmations; guided sound journeys for reflection; fun worksheets, writing prompts; connect the dots of your life story; self-assessment.

You will learn:

About inward self-study

How to meditate (what it is, what it isn’t)

How to balance heart and mind

How to connect, not disconnect

How to get back in touch with ourselves

How to take care of ourselves

About self-love

To protect your energy

With Restoreth The Breath, you have all the tools you need to experience powerful peace and freedom and to live in your truth. Best of all, you can access these resources whenever you like.

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Restoreth The Breath is not a spiritual program that only helps you find inner peace. It is a total life transformation program that takes a holistic, integrative approach where you learn how to master inner stillness and listen to your body, mind, and heart more clearly. Restoreth The Breath helps you discover who you truly are: heal, grow, and create the best possible life you deserve.

Sign up today, and you’ll be rewarded with a personal, face-to-face one-day virtual retreat with Shalini Breault, providing you with a more intimate, deep dive experience of the Restoreth The Breath program.

We are all students of life. And together, we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

Hold my hand and let your journey begin!

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